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It is vitally important to prepare for your interview. First impressions are often lasting ones, so you owe it to yourself to take each interviewing opportunity seriously. Below you will find a list of suggestions to help you plan for the meeting.

Research the Firm
We suggest a general search on the Internet, in addition to viewing the company website. Your effort will reward you twofold. First, you may find out answers to common questions about benefits and the company culture as well as key information about the firm. Secondly, it will present you as a serious candidate.

Put Thought Into Your Presentation
Business suits are a must and jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Good eye contact and a firm handshake get things off to a great start. Have the name of the individual you are seeing and certainly arrive on time.

We encourage you to bring extra copies of your resume and letters of recommendation. Be prepared to discuss in detail each item on your resume, with specific examples of significant accomplishments. In addition, have several questions ready to ask your interviewer. It makes a great impression if you write out your questions ahead of time and arrive with a notepad or portfolio in hand.

Salary and Benefits Package
This is always a sensitive subject and our advice is not to discuss either salary or benefits on the first interview. If you are asked your requirements, turn the question around and ask the interviewer what the salary range is. If the answer is within your desired salary range, let them know that. If it is lower than your range, state your desired salary range and back up the figure with a listing of your credentials and experience.

If you are interested in the position, make sure that you tell your interviewer and back it up with specific examples of why the organization and/or position are so attractive. Everyone enjoys hearing that her/his company is great. After all, your interviewer chose the same company. If you find that you are not interested in the current opportunity, mentally evaluate the organization for future positions. You never know what other opportunities may arise.

Always send an appropriate thank you note, even if you are not interested in the position. Not only is it good business etiquette, but the note can also serve to further reinforce why you are the best candidate for the position. In addition, we ask that you phone our office after the interview. It is vitally important for us to get your impression before we speak with our client about your candidacy.