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Welcome to LegalSource! We are excited that you have chosen us to partner with you in your career search. LegalSource has always prided itself on the quality of candidate we represent.

Professionalism is Key

We have heard many times from our clients that there is a lack of professionalism in today's employment force. From frequent absenteeism to substandard attire to simple attitude, there are numerous pitfalls to navigate around. However, daily opportunity exists to stand out as a serious professional, regardless of your position title.

By definition, professionalism is a way of acting within any given business situation, and there are many ways to achieve this standard.

Items to Incorporate Daily

  • Business attire. Most stores have "Coordinates" sections. Choose most (if not all) of your business clothing from these sections, as they represent today's corporate standard. It is simple to personalize your style with well-chosen accessories.
  • Ethics. It is vitally important to continually evaluate the motives behind your actions.
  • Attitude. It is widely recognized that a positive, "can-do" attitude is a sure sign of a serious, productive employee.

Items to Avoid

  • Inappropriate language. Cursing is never acceptable and may well offend your manager or coworkers.
  • Lateness or excessive absenteeism. Both give the impression that your employment is not a high priority item.
  • Personal tasks. Simply balancing your checkbook or checking your personal email can be construed as misuse of company time.